Why is Suturing Practice Kit Required to Improve Your Surgical Suturing Skill?

Why is Suturing Practice Kit Required to Improve Your Surgical Suturing Skill?

A surgical suturing kit is a medical device that holds body tissues together after a surgery or injury. Suturing comes with two fundamental goals; the primary goal is to bring closer the wound margins and remove dead space between wound walls so underlying tissues stay together. Healing will occur if the two tissue areas align and remain intact. Otherwise, it will lead to hematoma by eliminating blood from the wound and reduced wound healing strength. If you don’t have enough skill to use the suturing kit, it may lead to a higher risk of infection. The secondary purpose of suturing is to minimize the chances of scar tissue formation. Hence, proper healing and reduced chances of scarring are achievable with efficient skill. MedicPad offers you the best Suture Practice Kits to improve your surgical suturing skill. 

Why Do You Need A Suturing Practice Kit?

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in your laboratory as a medical student and learn from your instructor. But your expertise depends on the hours of practice with the suitable suturing kit. It’s a famous proverb that practice makes a man perfect; MedicPad designed its suturing practice kits to let you do learn at your comfortable place. You can even practice at your home to hone your skills and techniques. There are various wounds and multiple ways to stitch them; depending on the injury's nature, you must master each skill.

Primary Components of a Suture Practice Kit?

MedicPad offers various tools in their professional suture practice kit package that allows surgeons and medical students to improve their surgical operations. The details of these tools are discussed as:

Silicon Pad

It’s the crown jewel part of the suture practice kit and almost identical in different kit provider’s packages. MedicPad favors specific wound-styled silicon pads for your practice on different suture types. Hence, you will see unique cuts on the pads that help you improve your skill over various surgical types. Our extraordinary pad consists of a main high-grade silicon layer that can bear dozens of stitches and needle punctures. The layering system mimics fatty tissues helping students to learn about skin layering. 


MedicPad’s suturing practice kits come with six essential tools to improve skills in suturing operations. These six tools are:

  • Scalpel handles
  • Scalpel blades
  • Surgical scissors 
  • Forceps with aligned teeth
  • Adson forceps
  • Needle drive without gapped teeth 

These must-to-practice tools in a suture practice kit help you get familiar with different surgery types in lesser time.

Suture Threads

These threads are also known as filaments and may be of silk, polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. MedicPad efficient team is committed to providing them in a variety of sizes. Wounds are sometimes not size-specific and require different sized filaments. So, medical students must practice on each one that how they behave, unlike stitching processes. In some cases, it's easy to manipulate the procedure with a suture practice kit than the other more complex and severe surgeries.


Premium cases are a significant part of a suture practice kit to hold the surgical tools. MedicPad beautifully aligns all instruments in their places in a perfect case. It sometimes offers filaments in transparent card slots for quick access and easy visibility. An outstanding suture practice kit’s case keeps the tools in place and shares quick access of instruments with the surgeon during an operation.  

MedicPad’s kits are incredibly affordable and convenient for every medical institution and medical student to master their skills. Its suture practice kit comes with a silicon pad that can be reused multiple times. So, focus on improving your suture skills with cost-effective practice kits of MedicPad efficiently.

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