Q: Why does my pad feel oily at the base?

- Due to the 3-D printed process, the base of the pad can have some oily residue. This can be easily wiped off with a paper towel. The residue is not toxic and will not harm your skin. Please don’t lick it though, it is not a psychedelic toad.


Q: How much does the pad weigh? 

- Less than a half pound. 


Q: Are the tools sterile? 

- No. They are not intended for sterile use. 


Q: Do you need prior suturing skills to practice on this pad?

- No. 


Q: How do you clean it?

- A damp wash cloth should do the trick. Mild soap can also help. Do not use abrasive cleaning products on the pad.


Q: How do you store it?

- Anyway you would like. We found keeping it either the original box or a small plastic carrying case can be very helpful.


Q: What happens if the sides curl up?

- The sides can curl up if left out for very long periods of time. Placing some double sided tape on the bottom of the pad helps when you are practicing your suturing skills.


Q: Does it work with left handed people?

- Yes!  


Q: Can you make your own lacerations on the pad?

- The preformed lacerations have been designed to help you with any type of lacerations you might encounter.